You know you are ready to see a Naturopathic Doctor when...

You are ready to feel better and optimize your health

Most times health is a moving target and diagnoses are hard to get or don’t quite cover how you are feeling. Naturopathic doctors have many methods of improving your health (they are called modalities). Although we do diagnose illnesses, often we search for the root cause of how you are feeling and remove the root cause or help your body cope with it. I do not want to just remove symptoms but I want to strengthen your body so you can feel better than ever before. 


You want more time with your doctor

Naturopathic doctors have the luxury of time with their patients that frankly, medical doctors do not. If you are unhappy with only “one complaint per visit” then my office should be your next stop. In fact, it is often the totality of your symptoms that help guide my treatment plans.


You want to understand your health

Engaging with your health is one of the fastest ways to recovery but in order to do that you need to understand some of the medical jargon and lab tests that may have been performed. I will take the time to explain to you what our goals of treatment are and how they will help your body and mind achieve health. 


You want to take less (or no) medications

In working with your medical doctor, while we make shifts in your health you may need fewer and fewer medications. While it is not always possible, decreasing pharmaceuticals is the goal.


You want to be in control

Naturopathic doctors need to inform you of all risks and benefits of each medical treatment you receive. Additionally, it is not my job to sell you supplements. Simply put, I will present a treatment plan and we will work on it together to fit your needs and budget.